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It is with great honor that I write a tribute to Reb Shlomo, one of the greatest men of faith that I have ever met. Reb Shlomo saw the world of his youth destroyed and his people decimated. Then, as a young and brilliant yeshiva student on safe shores in the United States, he perceived the looming dangers of destruction from assimilation. With a resolute determination, he set out to save Jewish souls.
Rabbi Dr. Natan Ophir first visited the Carlebach Shul in 1969. Now, in this new biography, he documents the career of Reb Shlomo, and illustrates how Shlomo bestowed compassion and boundless love onto his fellow man, and bequeathed to us melodies that allow our souls to soar. Reb Shlomo traveled around the globe, sharing with all his love of Torah study and guiding thousands in deepening their connection to the Divine. Some construed his methods to be outside the bounds of the “straight and narrow,” but it was so sought after by the flower children of the ’60s, the Jewish kids in the ashrams, and those in search of their heritage. Reb Shlomo’s neshama undoubtedly came from a place very close to the Heavenly throne and hence, when he spoke of G-d or taught Torah he did so with the utmost conviction. May his meritorious deeds defend his people on high from all evil forces and may his teachings continue to be a source of great inspiration.