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This magnum opus is sweeping in scope and destined to become the definitive biography of a unique personality whose influence on Jewish prayer as expressed musically may be more far-reaching than that of anyone since King David. Reb Shlomo inspired a “Nusach Carlebach,” forming the basis of minyanim perpetuating his unique approach to prayer in virtually every meridian of the globe where Jews gather to share their common destinies. Many wonderful books have been written about Rabbi Carlebach, but this book goes beyond them in terms of comprehensiveness and the placement of each individual event and anecdote in historical and cultural context, with intriguing lists, such as the names of each song Reb Shlomo composed, its English and Hebrew title, its source, and where it can be downloaded and heard on the Internet. Imagine how many novel insights the average reader can absorb and savor about such an exciting, spontaneous, and holy personality!