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Kudos to Rabbi Dr. Natan Ophir for undertaking the long overdue and Herculean task of offering the first in depth study of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach’s multi-talented spiritual expressions that have left a legacy that supersedes even his colorful and luminous career. Reb Shlomo’s life does not lend itself to an easy analysis as he defied simplistic categorization and conventional limitations of intellectual study. Through his profound soul, he revolutionized Jewish music, inspired tens of thousands to deeper spiritual experience and was a highly creative teacher with a unique style of Torah learning; all the while being a caring and loving friend to the many who called upon him. If such a multifarious life was lived it must have a binding thread that wove it all together. Dr. Ophir takes us through the adventures and travails of Reb Shlomo’s experiences to discover the hidden DNA that powered and propelled his remarkable achievements.