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I had the pleasure of being hosted by the author for a while and witnessed him working tirelessly day and night on his manuscript. I have rarely witnessed such love and devotion by a Hasid for his Rebbe. The engrossing book that has emerged from Dr. Ophir’s meticulous research covers not only the famous episodes in the incredible odyssey of Reb Shlomo, but also scrupulously explores the seemingly minute details of his life. There is a famous story about a Hasid who was about to make a long pilgrimage to spend time with his Rebbe. “What are you going to learn from your Rebbe?” asked one of the Hasid’s friends. “Kabbalah? Cleaving to God? The secrets of the Torah?” “No,” answered the Hasid. “Mostly I want to learn how the Rebbe ties his shoes.” Reading this book will inspire readers not only to appreciate Shlomo’s unique revelation of the mysteries of Judaism but also how he discovered a Divine pulsating Love, Empathy and Joy in each and every action and encounter.